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print with pigment inks vs dye inks

pigment ink

Different between dye ink and pigment ink – market sell any types of printer ink, and the most used is dye ink and pigment ink. This ink has deficiencies and advantages, so you must select the best for your work.

Dye ink is type-based water; this ink sells very cheaply and safety for nozzle head, many officers using dye ink because they only print the document.

But, dye inks have a weakness; text or images has printed not long durable and fade if hit by water, a live maximum of five years. If you count the price of every document that has pointed out, it will be very cheap with the care of the printer.

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But, dye ink not recommended for photographers, architects, or professional need to document more durable and not fade. If I test to print out images, color reproduction not suitable, not contrast, and look too darker. I am using dye ink with the lowest price using my printer canon mp258..

printer with ink
printed out with dye ink using canon mp258

test with pigment ink.

Next, I try pigment ink using Epson L360 to create a picture on paper, and I need images with beautiful color and natural.

dye ink vs pigments inks
printed out with pigment ink using epson L360

The pigment is ink-based oil paint, so this ink its more durable and not fade if the picture meets water. But if your printer using pigment ink, you must activate or print images every day, and if your printer not using for seven days will be damaged because of the clogged nozzle head.

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Pigment ink supports much paper; this is more efficient, and many professionals like architects, photographers love it. But the price is higher with hard to care printer, a pigment not recommended for people need a print out for text only.

Not all printer support pigment ink, only Epson brand majority support it. And pigment never mixed with dye ink, if you try to insert pigment ink in your ink tank with dye ink, so your printer will be damaged.

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best ink and paper to print photo

best type paper

What the paper and ink can choose – you like photography or only take a picture with a smartphone camera, and you want to print out this, you must know how to select ink and paper recommended for you.

If you come to the market, you will see so many printer brands like Epson, canon, brother, and others, but you must know to get the best quality images in paper, you must buy a specific printer for pictures.

choose best brand printer

best print for you

Typical printer with six colors tank is the best choice to get image more contrast, vivid and natural. For the brand printer, I recommended Epson, because Epson is a popular printer already use by officer and photographer and only Epson support pigment ink, other product like canon, brother only support dye ink ( only specific type support pigment ink, but its very expensive and hard to threated )

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after choose printer, you must choose type inks will you need, if you need an image with cheap printing and picture not durable, you can select dye ink. Dye created based water so that this ink can fade, maximal of endurance is five years.

But, if you need a picture on image more durable for 50 years, you can choose pigment ink, this can create color more vivid, contrast and natural.

The pigment is ink-based oil, so the picture does not fade because moist, but before using this ink, you need to choose the right printer and costs every print image to be more expensive.

choose best paper photo

Many papers with texture and effect sell in the market, but you must know how type will support for your images, if you a photographer for sports action with need detailed, you must choose paper with silk texture like canvash.

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best paper for printing

But for portrait pictures, close up, you can select a smooth and glossy type. But it’s only my personal experience when I print out an image.

picture for many images

Another type for panorama picture, nature, forest, me always using paper with silk paper type, this has canvas texture, and resin-coated.

If you were using this, your picture will look vast, shiny, and more vivid and contrast.

canvas texture image

If you have another think, its no problem, because I only the user and not professional in a photographer, just a hobby.

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can unlock iphone lock icloud

why iPhone very safety with iCloud – Apple has a corporation created iPhone has many customers and lovers. Every launched new iPhone product, peoples in the very world enthusiast to buy or look at whats is new features in the new iPhone product.

Some people assume if the iPhone is a brand, give social status in some countries, like Indonesia.

iphone lock icloud

This phone has a fantastic camera with high performance for gaming or editing, and one feature makes this phone very exclusive is security.

Every data in storage in a phone like an image, music, documents is precious. However, the iPhone has stolen, data will back, and always safety if the user has activated iCloud.

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To access the iPhone, a user can use a login pin, fingerprint, or face id. But if it fails twice, the user must insert a password from the iCloud account.

Until now, the iCloud account gives data in iPhone safety, can not hack, crack, or other tools. So every user data privacy is safe.

iPhone has locked with iCloud account never used until the correct insert password. Many tools and services I find to unlock an iCloud account, but all fail. Because iPhone always launched a new software update to protect their devices.

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The bypass is a solution to using the iPhone has locked by iCloud, but it has more lack, and many features will disappear. Bypass iPhone only works for some software updated version, and the iPhone never be updated to new iOS software.

Bypass trick has used in stolen iPhones; it only accesses iPhone but not access data files in the storage on the iCloud account. So, you must be wary if you meet the iPhone at a low price, you will get bugs when using bypass iPhone. One more trick to know the iPhone has a bypass; you can check the number of IMEI with iTunes.